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  November 18, 2015 Obscure Pentagon Small Business Program Gets a Boost from GAO
Government Executive
  October 20, 2015 Taxpayer Subsidies Flowing Mostly To Big Business, Not Small Business: Report
International Business Times
  September 11, 2015 U.S. government's small business procurement goal achievement is under attack: Are the criticisms valid?
Set-Aside Alert
  August 11, 2015 White House Focus, SES Visibility Help Agencies Meet Small Business Goals
Government Executive
  July 10, 2015 Small Business Advocate's List Shows Many Large Firms Getting Set Asides
Government Executive
  July 7, 2015 Federal Small Business Contracting: Fact or Fiction?
Project On Government Oversight
  May 30, 2015 US Federal Contractor Registration: Small Business Set-Asides Discontinued After 30 Days of Large Business Acquisition
US Federal Contractor Registration
  May 21, 2015 Senator bashes SBA and challenges its small business contract numbers
Federal News Radio
  May 19, 2015 Skeptical Senate chairman asks SBA for list of every contractor it counted as a small business
Washington Business Journals
  May 12, 2015 #GetRealSBA: Public Citizen Calls Out SBA Misrepresentation of Small Business Goal Achievements
U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  May 10, 2015 Small Business Administration Uses Variety of Accounting Tricks to Give Contracts to Big Businesses
  May 8, 2015 SBA Accused of Shortchanging Small Business Contractors
  May 8, 2015 It's time for SBA to get real about small business contracting numbers
Washington Business Journal
  May 8, 2015 Advocacy Group Accuses SBA of Misapplying Law on Small Business Set-Asides
Government Executive
  May 6, 2015 Public Citizen Report: Federal Data on Small Business Share of Procurement Is Wrong
Public Citizen
  March 30, 2015 House Advances Bill to Curb Contract ‘Bundling’ that Favors Large Companies
Government Executive
  March 25, 2015 Congresswoman Hahn Amendment Calls for Investigation into Small Business Contracts Unfairly Awarded to Fortune 500 Companies
  February 2, 2015 Obama wants to reorganize, merge federal agencies
Federal Times
  February 2, 2015 Obama Revives Agency Consolidation Proposal
Government Executive
  January 21, 2015 DOD, Sikorsky Appeal Ruling In FOIA Data Fight



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