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  September 22, 2014 A contracting loophole denies small businesses the chance to land subcontracting opportunities with the Defense Department
Federal News Radio
  September 11, 2014 SBA administrator takes heat from Democrats and Republicans in Congress
The Washington Post
  September 11, 2014 Defense Dept. Poised to Dump Program One Expert Calls a ‘Sham’ and ‘Seriously Hurtful’ to Small Business
The Blaze
  September 10, 2014 SBA administrator faces a tough crowd at House Small Business Committee
Washington Bureau
  August 24, 2014 Federal Agencies’ Small Business Contracting Milestone Questioned
Yahoo! Small Business
  August 19, 2014 Small Business Contracts Flow to Mega Corporations
The Fiscal Times
  August 18, 2014 Small Biz Group Slams Proposed Contract Fraud Safe Harbor
  August 18, 2014 How Many Big Contractors Are Actually Posing As Small Businesses?
Government Executive
  August 4, 2014 Officials say the government kept its promise to small businesses. Did it really?
The Washington Post
  July 15, 2014 Congress wants to clobber my company
CNN Money
  July 7, 2014 Small business weekly: Bouncing back, with no signs of slowing down
The Washington Post
  July 2, 2014 Will an Obscure Pentagon Small Business Program Live On?
Government Executive
  June 22, 2014 Angst about SBA reclassification of small businesses misses the point: Editorial Agenda 2014
The Oregonian Editorial Board
  June 17, 2014 How 8,500 large companies will become small businesses overnight
The Washington Post
  June 17, 2014 Small Business Administration adjusts standards, makes big businesses small
Washington Business Journal
  May 25, 2014 How one small word change could mean many more contracting dollars for small businesses
The Washington Post
  May 16, 2014 Pentagon sued for refusing to release contracting data
Strategic Defense Intelligence
  May 15, 2014 Pentagon sued by American Small Business League over FOIA request
UPI Business News
  May 13, 2014 Meet 4 People Giving Small Businesses a Big Voice in Washington
American Express Open Forum
  April 2, 2014 Verizon, Citigroup, Others Trample Small Businesses For Govt Contracts



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