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  December 1, 2016 Who Will Lead The SBA Under Trump?
Fortune Magazine
  November 21, 2016 SBAs legal woes not over with appeal
Federal News Radio
  November 18, 2016 Small Business Group Renews Suit Challenging SBAs Goal Claims
Government Executive
  November 3, 2016 Court tosses case against SBA for awarding billions in small business contracts to Fortune 500 firms
Northern California Record
  October 31, 2016 Feds Short-changed Small Businesses Out of $200 Billion in Contracts in 2015 Alone, Says Advocacy Group
Small Business Trends
  October 26, 2016 Here's Why It's So Hard to Start a Business in the U.S.
  October 20, 2016 Claims Feds Misclassify Small Businesses Dropped
Courthouse News Service
  October 12, 2016 American Small Business League continues fight against the federal government
Northern California Record
  September 30, 2016 Congress Appears Poised To Gut Government Contracts For Small Business
  September 15, 2016 SAIC CEO urges lawmakers to address pressures from small business
Washington Business Journal
  September 15, 2016 The Surprising Truth About Where New Jobs Come From
  September 15, 2016 GAO Report: Government Spends Millions to Defend Against FOIA Requests, but Actual Cost Difficult to Determine
The New American
  September 15, 2016 Feds Spend Millions Fighting FOIA Lawsuits, GAO Finds
The Daily Caller
  September 15, 2016 Small Businesses Responsible for Nearly All New Jobs
  August 30, 2016 Best way to get a federal contract? Be working with the feds already
Miami Herald
  August 17, 2016 Small businesses fear rule changes will crater federal contract chances
The Hill
  August 17, 2016 Pentagon files appeal not to release information in subcontracting plan
Northern California Record
  August 9, 2016 SBA Defends Methods for Documenting Contracting Goals
Government Executive
  August 5, 2016 SBA fights back on contracting goals lawsuit
Federal News Radio
  July 25, 2016 Giant Corporations Are Reaping Billions From Federal "Small Business" Contracts
Mother Jones



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