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Small business advocate frustrated with government inaction

By Staff
Capital Solutions Bancorp
April 15, 2009

One group working on behalf of small businesses around the country has again expressed anger with what they consider to be inaction by the federal government to better serve small business interests.

The American Small Business League has expressed frustration with President Obama's work toward helping small businesses regain their footing in the volatile economy.

Many economists and policy makers agree that small businesses play a central role in the economy - during good times and bad - and are a key source of job creation. The government has stepped up efforts to unlock the credit markets and get fund flowing to small businesses - but some say it's not enough.

The ASBL claims that stimulus funds have been funneled too aggressively to large corporations and not small businesses. They also worry that contracts intended for small businesses will - to the detriment of small firms - instead be awarded to big companies.

ASBL president Lloyd Chapman directed harsh words to the nearly 3-month-old administration.

"So far, not only has President Obama not given those companies a dime of the stimulus funding, but he is refusing to end blatant, widespread fraud and abuse in existing government economic stimulus programs for small businesses," Chapman said.

Source:  http://capitalsolutionsbancorp.com/news/small-business-advocate-frustrated-with-government-inaction-20090415



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