Last week we told you with some optimism that the Small Business Jobs Act passed through senate.

The Act is President Obama's $43.5 billion dollar pet project to stimulate growth in the private sector.

Now, the bill is almost certain to be signed into law as it currently stands. And many of you are pissed.

Though we think it's a step in the right direction, the bill has several obvious shortcomings. Yes, it does make credit more easily accessible for companies that aspire to expand.

But our readers were quick to point out that, given the current lack of demand for small business products and services, Obama's so-called stroke of genius would likely flop.

Turns out, that's just one of the weak areas of the jobs bill currently resting with the House. While republicans and democrats differ on exactly what changes need to be made, they do agree on one thing: it could be a lot better.