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Small business package offers mixed feelings about outreach

By John David
September 27, 2010

MOLINE, Illinois - As President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs Act on Monday, it promises to speed up loans and job creation within a $30 billion package. But not everyone is convinced it's the best solution.

Serving downtown Moline businesses and customers for a decade, Cup A Jo is a slice of life success story. That's where owner Michael Huggins tackles hands-on lunch preparations. It's a small business with four staffers and old fashioned philosophy that pays dividends today.

"You treat your customers with good service, " He said. "You get them good food, good coffee, whatever, and they'll come back."

Huggins could get some help from the legislation. According to the White House, small businesses will start benefitting on day one.

"Every little bit helps," he added. "If what they're going to do is help small businesses, more power to them."

There is opposition to the federal plan. The American Small Business League says the Obama package is unlikely to create a substantial number of new jobs.

But the help is timely for the SiS International Shop in Davenport. Becke Dawson opened on Harrison Street in September. She sells Fair Trade items from dozens of countries.

"A lot of small businesses need a lot of help, especially in this climate," she said.

Self-employed persons like Dawson can take advantage of deductions for start-up costs and full deductions for health insurance.

"With retail, it's very difficult and risky for all of us," Dawson said.

The American Small Business League prefers another bill that it says would address the demand for products and services. The group supports H.R. 2568, which it says would inject billions of dollars directly into the small business community.

Back at Cup A Jo, there's a future for this small business -- one customer at a time.

"People leave here happy," Huggins concluded. "I know they'll come back. That means a lot."

Source:  http://www.wqad.com/news/wqad-small-business-plan-092710,0,6143123.story



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