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Business To Benefit From Shift To GOP

By Steve Viuker
BizBox by Slate
November 4, 2010

An informal survey by bizbox reveals a positive outlook for businesses under a GOP Congress. The following is a sample of voices.

Lloyd Chapman
President American Small Business League

Representative Boehner and the Republicans have been talking about how important small businesses are to the U.S. economy over the past two years, so this is a good opportunity for them to show us the difference between them and the Democrats and pass legislation to end the diversion of small business contracts to Fortune 500 firms. If they are unwilling to step-up to help small businesses, then we can expect a whole lot of nothing getting done for small businesses in the next Congress.

Charles A. Krugel
Human Resources Attorney & Counselor
Labor & Employment Law on Behalf of Management

The election results should send a clear signal to government that the public wants increased efforts by Congress and regulatory agencies to amicably prevent and resolve issues at a lower cost to businesses. Yesterday’s results also signal the further erosion of the strength of the partnership between the Democratic Party and labor unions. Consequently, there appears to be little chance for any significant pro-union legislation such as the Employee Free Choice Act (AKA "Card Check").

In the employment law (i.e.,civil rights and wage and hour spectrums), it appears that the message is to reduce oversight of small-to-medium sized businesses so that they can create jobs and impact the economy. It is the business community, along with respectful oversight and enforcement from government, that creates jobs and innovates.

Michael McGuinness, CEO of NAIOP New Jersey - a commercial real estate and economic development organization.

Overall, (the results) will have a positive impact. In the short term, I believe the Bush tax cuts will be extended for the next year. Hopefully, that will keep jobs at the level they are at now and also allow for businesses to invest.

The problems of real estate can be traced back to over-supply in the 1990's; followed poor underwriting and a drop in demand. The fallout in commercial real estate has not ended. We're bouncing around the bottom right now. In the next two years, many properties that have mortgages due will default.

Joseph Harbert, COO New York Metro Region, Cushman & Wakefield

“The election results add greater certainty to the business environment and that should be good for business. They also will give hope to those who have felt we have been heading in the wrong direction which should increase confidence amongst those voters and could translate into increased consumer confidence. The real challenge is for both parties to seek consensus on ways to grow the economy.”

Source:  http://bizbox.slate.com/blog/2010/11/business_to_benefit_from_shift.php



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