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Protect your business and defeat H.R. 3567

January 22, 2008

Support the ASBL and defeat H

Did you know H.R. 3567, “The Small Business Investment Expansion Act of 2007” (Title V) will allow large venture capital firms to acquire 49.9 percent of a small business and maintain that businesses small business status for an indefinite time period.

As you know, existing law defines a small business as "independently owned and operated." However, H.R. 3567 would amend the definition of a small business as independently owned and operated to include firms owned up to 49.9 percent by multi-billion dollar venture capital firms and large financial institutions.

Small business advocates believe that the passage of H.R. 3567 would effectively repeal the Small Business Act. The bill would allow firms controlled by some of the nation's largest multi-billion dollar venture capital firms to dominate the government's small business contracting programs and force thousands of legitimate small business into bankruptcy.

This legislation is going to force legitimate small businesses to compete head-to-head with large corporations for federal small business contracts. With your help in 2008, we can stop this bill in the Senate.

With legislation like H.R. 3567 in mind we fight for you every day. By helping the ASBL you are enabling us to continue to increase access to federal small business contracts for your small business.

By simply searching online you'll see that we are the only small business advocacy group working to remove large firms from federal small business contacting. This is your opportunity to join the fight and end the corrportution that has effectively cost legitimate small businesses more than $300 billion over the last five years. Participate in the protection of your business today.

Join the ASBL today to help protect your business.


In light of the fact that House Small Business Committee Chair Nydia M. Velazquez sponsored H.R. 3567, we thought you might like to see a breakdown of her campaign contributions by industry. As you can see, the industries of securities & investment and commercial banks are among the top industries vying for Mrs. Velazquez’s support.




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