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    Are We Sending The Wrong Message To Small Business?
    Small business leaders clash over proposal to consolidate SBA with Labor, Commerce

This year small businesses have lost

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in federal small business contracts
to big business

  Oklahoma Senator Co-Sponsors Bill To Close Small Business Administration
    N.C.’s Burr proposes changes that small-business advocates don’t like

Explaining the Senate Plan to Kill the Small Business Administration

    That Old Idea to Shutter SBA is Back
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ASBL President Lloyd Chapman Documentary

why do big businesses get small business contracts?
13 Federal and 2 private investigations found evidence of fraud and abuse in Federal contracting > Read excerpts  
98% of all US firms have less than 100 employees > Learn More  
Misrepresenting your firm as a small business is a felony, but the SBA has NEVER prosecuted a single offender  
Support H.R. 1622, the Fairness and Transparency in Contracting Act. Help us end fraud and abuse in small business contracting programs> Learn More
See Professor Charles Tiefers opinion on the SBA's new Small Business Government Contracting Rule > PROFESSOR CHARLES TIEFER'S OPINION ON PROPOSED CHANGE IN NONMANUFACTURER RULE
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